Weird Furry Orangina Advertisement

This is one odd video. This French Orangina TV ad has furries wearing kinky lingerie and an octopus giving a lap dance to a bear.

Check it out:

I guess I shouldn't be surprised after this previous post about a French set of ads on safe sex practices.

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This may be the direction that Pfizer is taking its TV commercial campaign. Many are complaining that its new set of "Viva Viagra" commercials are displaying the drug as a party drug.

If you haven't seen the commercial, there are no women in it -- this is a commercial all about guys bonding with other guys over the good times Viagra has brought them, not sharing an intimate moment with their female partner. Many of the guys in the commercial strike the viewer as pretty young for erectile dysfunction.

Pfizer's commercials have come a long way from the days where over seventy Bob Dole was hawking the medicine. Spokesman for Pfizer Francisco Gebauer said the ad is intended to help men get over the embarrassment of talking about erectile dysfunction with their physicians, and that the company is committed to safe and appropriate use of the drug.

If nothing else, the commercials are almost reaching the degree of ridiculousness that is displayed in the furry Orangina advertisement.