Video Collection of Optical Illusions

This is a good collection of illusions, some of which I haven't seen before. I'm not so sure why they had to include a stupidtramp sound track though.

Here's another collection with some overlap and a techno soundtrack:

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I can see the duality in all of them except one. The first video, third illusion. It looks to me like an encampment of people around a domed hut. I can't see anything else there. There seems to be a closed fist perhaps, in the cloud on the right hand side, but apart from that I'm at a loss.

Can anyone help?

By Silmarillion (not verified) on 11 Jan 2008 #permalink

Simarillion, try turning your head counter-clockwise ;)

or just write this sentence backward:

e c a f a s i t i

also, the "left brain right brain" comment for the stroop task is hilarious.