Friday Cephalopod: Where's Michelangelo when you need him?

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(From TONMO, on a page about raising captive cuttlefish)
Ocythoe tuberculata (via the TONMO Cephalopod Image Gallery)
It's December, and Squidmas is coming. Maybe you're like me, and the kids have all moved out, so you're thinking having a little intelligent life at home would be nice. Or maybe you're kids are still home, and you think they'd love a pretty pet. Or maybe you just love cephalopods, as do we all, so…
Oh, no! I just found out that Monday, the 8th of October, the tenth month, will be International Cephalopod Awareness Day, as also discussed on TONMO. I have so little time to prepare! Everyone else get kraken, too, and remember to send me links to your cephalopodic celebrations in cyberspace on…

Touched by His noodly appendage.