Friday Cephalopod: I hope this is the low-rent district

You'd think Octopolis would be a lovely place, but then you discover it's a junk-covered slum where the octopuses are engaged in street warfare.


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This kind of thing is so typical of our planet...

Off topic, but did I read somewhere that you are headed to Cincinnati next June? Take my advice, you will enjoy the Trammel Fossil Park in Sharonville (easily goggled) much more than that Creation "Museum." The Fossil Park is a lovely illustrated guide to evolution: signs up and down the bare hill announce in which era each layer of sedimentary rock was first laid down (is that the proper way to describe it, I was an art major).

There are lots of loose rocks and almost every one has gobs of fossils, mostly brachiopods and corals, and best of all, you are allowed to take home whatever you like. What great gifts for those back home!

It gets hot on that hill on a sunny day so bring water and sunscreen along with those baggies for your souvenirs.

Poor octopuses, they've been around for half a billion years but they only live at most five years for the giants. They seem to learn, but they don't live long enough because at a particular stage their optic glands secrete hormones to kill them. I know that the live longer with their optic glands removed (need it blind them?) can they be taught or learn more?

By Harold Katcher (not verified) on 31 Oct 2016 #permalink