Happenings in the Quantum World: December 22, 2007

Superexchange in optical lattices, factoring 15 in a linear optics quantum computer, quantum plagarism peaceful resolution, silicon and gallium arsinide quantum computers, and quantum mumbo jumbo in support of the ideas popularly known as God.

  • Superexchange demonstrated in an optical lattice by Immanuel Bloch's group in Germany.
  • Quantum leaps: Brisbane Times and UQ News Online report on Andrew White factoring 15 with a linear optics quantum computer. The preprint for this paper is arXiv:0705.1398. I didn't check, but I bet they got 15 equals 3 times 5.
  • A resolution to the quantum plagarism scandal. Hmm, "quantum plagarism" sounds like a scheme for optical quantum cloning.
  • Sandia Laboratory is working on a silicon based quantum computer. Of relevance to this effort is the recent demonstration of coherent control of a single electron spin in gallium arsenide by Lievin Vandersypen's group at Delft.
  • Science Could Support Spiritual Beliefs. "Quantum physics and modern cosmology support the oneness of all spiritual traditions, popularly known as God." Which brings up the question of what the unpopular expression is for the oneness of all spiritual traiditions.

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Do you have any insights (or inside information) about what is next on the factoring front? Maybe 21?