Count the Headlights on the Highway

Yep, it's paper dance time. This one is less of a dance and more of a shuffle:

arXiv:0808.0174 (scirate)

Title: Simon's Algorithm, Clebsch-Gordan Sieves, and Hidden Symmetries of Multiple Squares
Author: D. Bacon

Abstract: The first quantum algorithm to offer an exponential speedup (in the query complexity setting) over classical algorithms was Simon's algorithm for identifying a hidden exclusive-or mask. Here we observe how part of Simon's algorithm can be interpreted as a Clebsch-Gordan transform. Inspired by this we show how Clebsch-Gordan transforms can be used to efficiently find a hidden involution on the group G^n where G is the dihedral group of order eight (the group of symmetries of a square.) This problem previously admitted an efficient quantum algorithm but a connection to Clebsch-Gordan transforms had not been made. Our results provide further evidence for the usefulness of Clebsch-Gordan transform in quantum algorithm design.

Yet another step in my ever increasing quest to become a lone author lunatic (er, lunatic!) of quant-ph. Next step is obviously Microsoft Word only arXiv postings.

Bonus points for identifying the song, of course.

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One beer owed to Geordie, check.

Now take your protein pills and put your helmet on.

Space Oddity. David Bowie. Figures the reigning LAL (lone author lunatic) would know this. And know the reigning LAL has it stuck in his head.

Sweet, Ian has also won a beer (I recommend Lagunitas IPA, but that's just my personal bias.)

No more convenience stores, Ian, say hello to stars.