Quantum Booz (Allen Hamilton) Jobs

Charles passes along that Booz Allen Hamilton is looking for a few good quantum people:


As you may already know from interacting with us at review meetings and conferences, our team at Booz Allen Hamilton provides scientific and technical expertise to a variety of government agencies. As consultants, we work with our clients to develop new research programs, monitor ongoing research, and to help transition technologies to other government agencies and industry.

Currently, we are looking to expand our physics team to meet the growing needs of our clients. To this end, we are actively searching for graduate students and postdocs, particularly those with a background in quantum science (information, computing, many-body physics, condensed matter/solid-state physics, quantum optics, degenerate gases, precision clocks, etc.), however we are searching in other areas as well.

A detailed description of the job is provided below. In addition, we will be attending the American Physical Society 2009 March Meeting Job Fair on March 16 - 17. Interested attendees are encouraged to get in touch with us at our booth to discuss employment opportunities, share their resume and/or interview. (If you will be at the March Meeting please email me directly to set up an interview or for more information: tahan_charles [[[[at]]]] bah.com )

- Charles Tahan

Science & Technology Consultant Position Description:
Serve as a strategic consultant to government science and technology research and development clients. Contribute to DoD investment in advancing the state of the art in a wide range of physical sciences-based technologies by combining strategic planning and technical analysis. Assist clients with developing and researching ideas for the formulation of new programs. Provide in-depth expertise in the assessment of proposals to determine the technical merit of proposal objectives and methodologies. Conduct background research and interface with the research community at large to evaluate the feasibility of new technological concepts and shape research program goals. Assist with the management of high-risk research programs. Generate and present comprehensive technical briefings, technical papers, and strategic recommendations to colleagues and clients. Perform and publish original technical analysis in support of client needs.

Basic Qualifications: PhD degree in quantum physics (condensed matter, AMO, quantum information, or related area) with demonstrated expertise in a technical area; Ability to commute to Arlington, VA; Ability to obtain a security clearance
Additional Qualifications: Ability to convey complex technical insights to specialist and generalist audiences; Ability to apply expertise across a wide variety of technical problems; Possession of excellent oral and written communication skills
Clearance: Applicants selected will be subject to a security investigation and may need to meet eligibility requirements for access to classified information.

Please submit cover letter and CV electronically to tahan_charles [[[[at]]]] bah.com .

Those who wish for more contact info for Charles can send me an email (dabacon [[[[at]]]] gmail.com).


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