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For those scientists out on the job market this year, the following from might be a little scary:


Two annihilated industries

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At least we aren't lumped in with finance!

We should suggest them to save their RadioButtons by putting Tech and Law together. They can also add philosophy beside Finance. It will be so cool! :D

When looking for a job, a few months ago, when there possibly still were jobs, I had signed up with The Ladders, as they promise that after signing up they'd show you all these great jobs; but then I found they didn't have any of value or relating to my search; so it was just a waste of time, and I unsubscribed from them. They seem to have no understanding of job classifications.
Perhaps they put unrelated jobs together to be able to say, on any search: 'Your search found 1000 jobs. Sign up to see them.'

"And he built a crooked house..."

You know, that Heinlein short story about a house built in the shape of an unfolded tesseract that collapsed into 4-D in a California earthquake?

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