Liquid Mountaineering

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I don't know what to believe anymore.

By astephens (not verified) on 07 May 2010 #permalink

I got about a minute in before I realised they weren't using boat-impersonating shoes and realised it was fake. It is fake, right?

By Kenneth McFarlane (not verified) on 07 May 2010 #permalink

Much of the equipment (hats, shoes, wetsuits) in the video is from the company Hi-Tec. That suggests it might be a viral marketing video, and presumably a fake. On the other hand, there are a couple of bits that look pretty hard to fake...

Hmm. A walkway under the lake would do the trick.

A nice physics question: at what speed would a human need to move so that he or she could "skim" like a rock.

I'm not sure whether or not this is fake...but I don't think it's a question of skimming...thinking of the basilisk which runs on water, it would be more of a question of producing a downward force in such a way that there's a repelling force keeping their feet from plunging all the way in. Though it does seem really sketchy that they're doing this w/ regular shoes.

This is Extreemly Fake, the guys all fall off in the water at the same section out into the water and when they stuff it up they are entering the water at a slightly closer point. Very cool video though just shows that you can edit things in a style that is very believable and this is a great case of gorilla style marketing.

@adam, gorilla style? XD

This has to be fake, they must be running on submerged blocks. the correlation to the rocks curve is stupid. The rock spins very fast, and you are just slightly coming in at an angle. Huge difference.

By Ramon Leal (not verified) on 08 May 2010 #permalink

The comments to this post are more illuminating than the post itself...though not quite as much raw fun.

anythings possible can't wait to see the next video

By dave bell (not verified) on 10 May 2010 #permalink

Frame 48 you can see a board sticking out of the water.

I can understand why everyone wants to believe this. . . its because well it truly is unbelievable. However it is completely and utterly impossible. But the fact of the matter is that you need to look at both possibilities. Is it more likely that they can actually walk on water? Or is it more likely that they can manipulate and edit 100% what you are seeing. Pick one

Oh yeah on frame 48 but instead of a board it looks more like a flexible piece of clear silicone sheet.

True or False this video is real? If false provide support for your answer.


Look at the video starting at 2:17 where it shows the runner in slow motion. The splash patterns created by his feet and the sudden deceleration of the concentric action of his quadriceps muscles can only be accomplished by a solid surface underneath the water. In fact you can see the shock waves in his quads if you look closely. Enter Newtonâs Third law: Every action has a reaction equal in magnitude and opposite in direction. Runners produce tremendous amounts of force when they run and water is too viscous to create a sustainable counterforce for the downward force of a grown human while running. These runners are using an up and down motion in their legs. Described in the video as a sewing machine action. However, the much lighter and faster Jesus lizard runs using a rotational motion of the legs. Think of itâs hip joints as the pivot point. The lizardâs legs rotate in a conical action and its feet scoop through the water like an oar propelling it forward, not pounding the water up and down as in this doctored video, which contradicts to the laws of physics that exist on Earth. Now look at how the runnerâs body reacts during the last few steps of the slow motion portion at 2:21-2:22. His feet are making contact with sold surfaces until the second to last step where his right foot meets the laws of physics and goes into the water. This is not because he slowed down, its because he reached the end of the platform. Also Notice that all the runners enter the water at the exact same point on the shore. They will even lean sometimes like someone trying to keep their balance on a balance beam as they enter. Thatâs because they are trying to run as fast as they can and still stay on the straight platform under the waters surface.

fucking retards. Its an ad

Complete bogus... Pure and simple nonsense...

This is just a trick, a hoax.. Probably done the same way as shown on the show "Breaking the Magic" where the masked magician did this illusion where he walked on water in a pool..

The reason he could was that he WASN'T walking on the water, but walking on a transparent platform made out of acrylic plastic (Acrylic plastic is very strong and durable, and can take a lot of weight without cracking)..

By Roger Pedersen (not verified) on 10 May 2010 #permalink

Hey, I work at millets, camping shop as part of Blacks Leisure group and i know for a fact that Hi-tec shoes are not the best, The ones in the video look like they have only the waterproof lining. So when he poured the water on to the trainer it would definately soak through. If they were professionals for about £80 they could purchase some merrels or The north face trainers with gore-tex or Isotex material. I believe because of the gear they were using and the fact they all fell in the same place, It is FAKE!

The tip off that this is a hoax is the Jesus dangling from the rearview mirror.

Tis fake, I base this not on the laws of physics, not on the boards in water, but completely on the acting and editing. I'm a film maker myself and I know shonky manipulation when I sees it!

For you viewing pleasure I now provide a link at the end of witch you will be able to view Icelandic loons powering across aquatic environments with... cars & snow mobiles. This is more like the force you need to generate to skim on water!


Well, try it ur self. If it works, then good!!

I found this on the official website on thier disclosure.
Do some research on someone's claims in the future people.

Apparently some folks are taking the information on this site to heart, please stop now.

Nothing on this site is intended to be construed as factual information.

100% of the information on this site is intended for SATIRICAL PURPOSES ONLY.

To be more blunt, THIS ENTIRE SITE IS A JOKE.

Please feel free to send your crazy emails about what awful people we are and we will post them on the site at some point so others can join us in laughing at you.

-The Management

^Hey, if you're going to use a quote to make a point, post the whole quote. That same disclaimer also states that that website is not attached to the video. Which in and of itself debunks the point you're trying to make. Nice reporting, Sky.

"...Oh, and we have absolutely zero affiliation with the actors or producers of the video, the company that may or may not have paid for it and certainly not with any silly floating shoes.

-The Management"

I don't know why everyone is so skeptical. This is clearly real. I bet nobody here has even tried it.

this is clearly fake they claim that they are skimming on the water but their feet go under the water which doesnt happen when your skimming and how is it possible to change direction while skimming at 2:13. he like follows the direction of an under water path or somethin

Now...all we have to know how to do is fly. :/

Cleary the need the Quantum Pope to certify this miracle so we now that people really walked on water.

Love the tense background music lifted from Deadwood. Nice touch. :)

By Douglas McClean (not verified) on 06 Jun 2010 #permalink

they r running on a sandbar and when it drops off they fall... if u look at the video they are always falling at the same point in the water... it looks cool but it is fake

well they said flying impossible but someoene figured it out. Just watch, this may be a joke now but soon as someone figures out how to do it Who is gonna take credit.