Domestic Violence Through a Child's Eyes

"Babul" performed by Shubha Mudgal is a gorgeously produced music video that emphasizes the heartbreak of female domestic violence as seen through the eyes of a child.

According to Amnesty International:

In this video about female domestic abuse, a child walks through a party in which all the adult couples seem happy as they socialize. But as she looks at three of the couples, she sees the humiliation and violence with which each woman has been treated prior to arriving at the party. The video was produced by Breakthrough TV an organization dedicated to dealing with social problems in India. The use of a traditional song form underscores the pathos of each wife's situation.

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Good find, thanks for posting it. I'm Indian and I hadn't seen it!

Thanks. I just discovered Mudgal's work and find it very haunting and beautiful.

The video is really powerful. It's not until we consider how the children percieve adult events that it puts the appauling nature of domestic violence into perspective!