Bill Bailey is my hero

I was just in London, and a friend of mine clued me into this British comic named Bill Bailey. Priceless.

Anyway, this is not even vaguely science-related, but there is a clip below the fold that is too funny.

He was also in this BBC show that I am in love with -- or at least in lust with -- at the moment called Black Books. Here is a clip from that:

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Bill Bailey is great.
His "concert" disc "Part Troll" is a must-see...
Also, you have to watch the series "Black Books" that he starred in.

um. you already said that.

Someday I'll learn to actually read blog posts before responding to them.

Hey! I'm the friend who introduced you to Bill Bailey!! Give credit where credit's due, man.

I've seen him live.

You should have mentioned you were coming to London. We could have met for a beer or two!