Lecture on Emerging Media & Science at Mt. Sinai

If you are in the NY area, you might want to consider coming to this talk that is being organized by Kate. The title is "DISCUSSION ON THE ROLES OF EMERGING MEDIA OUTLETS IN COMMUNICATING SCIENCE." It is taking place tomorrow (Thursday) at 7 pm in the Mt. Sinai East Building Seminar Room. (The East Building is located at 1425 Madison Ave. @ 98th St.)

The discussion features among other fellow ScienceBlogger Carl Zimmer, of the NYTimes. Kate and I will also be there, and SEED is sponsoring.

So come on by. More information below the fold.

UPDATE by Kate: Yes, folks, Jake Young will indeed be there, too. In fact, he's assumed an integral role in pulling this event together.

The Science Communication Consortium presents:
Thursday, JAN 31st
Mount Sinai School of Medicine, East Building Seminar Room (in the Icahn Medical Institute)
1425 Madison Ave at 98th St, NYC

A discussion of how science is communicated effectively - and ineffectively - through emerging media outlets, such as blogging, podcasts, online multimedia, and more.

Please join panelists:
CARL ZIMMER, award-winning science writer and author
CHRISTIE NICHOLSON, science journalist and contributor to Scientific American's "60-Second Psych" online programming
ELIENE AUGENBRAUN, President/CEO of ScienCentral, Inc.
EITAN GLINERT, former project coordinator of science-based video game "Immune Attack"
KAREN FRENKEL, documentarian and science writer

Post-lecture reception will be sponsored by SEED Media Group, publishers of SEED magazine and scienceblogs.com.
Register at the door or through NYAS at:

The Science Communication Consortium organizes an inter-institutional lecture series based in the New York City area aimed at increasing awareness of issues related to how science can be best communicated by scientists, media, and policymakers to improve scientific literacy and the public understanding of science. For more information, visit our website at http://scicommconsortium.com.

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Thanks for informing me about this event. I attended last night and was glad to learn about the organization and the event.