Update for the more Wonkish Among Us: Hippocampal Anatomy

I know this will be of interesting for about 1 in a hundred of you, but there is a REALLY good review of hippocampal and parahippocampal region connectivity in April's Nature Review Neuroscience. Of special interest, there is an interactive .pdf in the supplementary information where you can identify the connections between one region to every other region. Also, they discuss the functions of the entorhinal cortex and the subiculum from the point of view of update anatomy.

(Unfortunately behind a subscription wall, but I feel confident that anyone who understood a word of what I just said also has subscription access.)

Hat-tip: Faculty of 1000

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I've uploaded the main article and all supplmentary media in PDF format to:

anatomyofmemory_hippocampalnetwork.zip 2.78 MB

[The anatomy of memory_ an interactive overview of the parahippocampalâhippocampal network nrn2614.pdf