My sweet-ass new business cards have arrived

Today my sweet new business cards arrived from - a whole 6 days ahead of schedule!


I've been trying to get some made for a while, and have a seductively simply online card creator, allowing you to upload pictures or import them from Flickr, Facebook, etc. You can even use several different images if you want. Then pick colours and card stock, add your text, and hey presto! your cards are on their way. You even receive a sweet little box, dividers, and a buzzword bingo card:


Perhaps you think this is the point where I give you some product code and receive a sneaky backhander from Moo. But nope, nothing like that. I'm not a fan of corporate shills - but I do think when a company gets something right they ought to be given their due kudos. And besides, did I mention how goddamn sweet these new cards are?


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Definitely right! I used moo cards to create business and advertising cards and loved them. I didn't know they finally introduced more conservative card format options, though.

I ordered some tiny MOO cards last year. I lived in California and they came in less than two weeks. I had seven different designs of my own.

By Mrs. Grackle (not verified) on 27 Jan 2009 #permalink

I wish I was cool enough to rock those colors.