Mapping the colours of NYC's skyline in real time

Artist Mike Bodge has unveiled a nifty project to chart the colour of the sky above New York City in real time. A camera installed in his office snaps a picture of the skyline every five minutes, and analyses the image to calculate its average colour. The varying shades of blue, grey, orange and black are posted online in a never-ending mosaic.


Mike says:

Many of my projects tend to be about New York City, as it's a place i'm constantly inspired by. I have a great view at my office overlooking the East Village neighborhood and I've done time lapses and other things but none really captured the essence of the changing skyline. I'm a designer and deal with colors all day so I thought it'd be interesting to do a color sample of the sky and see how that changes through the day.

Mike is currently looking for anyone around the world who'd like to host a webcam so that their piece of sky can be colour mapped.

HT Emilia Brock

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