I just found out the the Bush administration's budget proposal for next year zeros out one of the programs that is a significant source of support for my past and proposed research. Hopefully Congress will put it back in, but in the meantime, does anyone have $50K per year they could prop me up with?

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Don't worry too much about it yet - Bushie zeroed out the federal institution that employs me last year, but it was later boosted by congress. It's just a tactic so that he appears fiscally conservative. But if you do want a constructive way to worry, write a letter to your representative!

By volcano girl (not verified) on 20 Feb 2008 #permalink

Welcome to the club! That's where my funding went too. I did find the projects for the budget scary and in particular found it annoying that "Science Magazine" said it didn't mean much cuts for scientists because NASA funding was going up...well, that may be true for some sciences but certainly not all.