Gaza Fulbright Scholarships Reinstated

After a rapid media outcry, the US and Israel have come together to reinstate the Fulbright Scholarships initially revoked from several students from Gaza due to Israel-imposed travel restrictions. From The New York Times:

JERUSALEM -- The American State Department has reinstated seven Fulbright grants offered to Palestinians in Gaza for advanced study in the United States, reversing a decision to withdraw the scholarships because of Israel's ban on Palestinians' leaving Gaza for study abroad.

The American Consulate in Jerusalem sent e-mail messages on Sunday night to all seven telling them it was "working closely" with Israeli officials to secure them exit permits. Maj. Peter Lerner, spokesman for the Israeli Defense Ministry's office of civilian affairs, said the Gazans would be granted permits after individual security checks.

This is great news for these seven students, although it's probably not much consolation to the several hundreds of other Gazans currently unable to take up scholarships to study abroad due to these travel restrictions.

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