Obama Endorsed by 61 Nobel Laureates

Yesterday, the Obama campaign released a letter of endorsement signed by 61 Nobel Laureates (click here for a nicer looking pdf). Michael Stebbins of Scientists and Engineers for America points out that "this is the largest number of Nobel Laureates to ever endorse a candidate for office."

And, why should we be surprised? Obama's answers to a scientific questionnaire released last month were scientifically sound and indicative of good scientific advising. Then, earlier this month, we got to find out who has been behind that solid scientific advising. Wired gave a good rundown of the five-member team (which includes two of the Nobel Laureate signatories of yesterday's letter) made up of Peter Agre, Don Lamb, Sharon Long, Gilbert Omenn, and Harold Varmus.

McCain, on the other hand, has refused to identify his science team.

Update: The Obama campaign also just released a more detailed 11-page science plan.

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Well, Obama's doomed then. Too many Americans HATE smart elitists like Nobel laureates.

Hi Nick - Ami Shah told me about your blog. Did you see the election stuff in last week's issue of Nature? They identify both Obama's and McCain's teams of science and tech advisers. I find it striking that McCain has CEOs, etc. on his team whereas Obama has, um, actual scientists! - Sandra Cooke

I am guessing that McCain's science team all work at the Discovery Institute. Probably smart for him to refuse to release their names.