Mac vs. PC Transformers Deathmatch

I came across this video floating in the ScienceBlogs back channels and decided it is way too cool to not post. Try watching this without feeling some kind of deep-seated nationalistic impulse stir within you. I never was much of a sporto, but I think this must be what frat boys feel when they watch football.

I won't say which team I was rooting for, but did you see the way that Mac ran away in fear and had to go get it's friends? Herein lies the Mac user bond that stems from a brand allegiance I will never understand. It's a good thing the video ended with ambiguity, before the Windows Vista upgrade... This way I can at least imagine the aftermath of the pwnage.exe program. What's that, Mac user? You don't know how to access your terminal window?

Hat tip to ScienceBlogger Ed Yong from Not Exactly Rocket Science.

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You know, I think castration ends pretty much any contest. I'm just sayin'.

Still. OS X? Windows? Pffft. Poor primitives.

i was watching this video and i got to thinking you know know why is everything afixiated on unix and dos what about linux throw in some lunix like ubuntu or linuix xp make the game mor einteresting a trio of never ending battles. think about it

By Adam Plett (not verified) on 21 Oct 2009 #permalink