The Buzz: Oprah and Jenny Team Up to Spread Woo


The billionaire media icon Oprah Winfrey sealed a contractual deal with notorious anti-vaccination supporter Jenny McCarthy Monday that will enable McCarthy to spread her belief that vaccines cause autism across several platforms. This viewpoint is vehemently opposed in the scientific community, as it remains virtually unsupported after years of rigorous scientific investigation and, if heeded as true, has lethal consequences in the form of diseases like measles, mumps and rubella. With support from Oprah, McCarthy is slated to host a syndicated talk show and maintain a blog. According to ScienceBlogger PZ Myers, this is "proof that there is no god."

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I watched Oprah's show with Jenny McCarthy today in Ghana, and the issue about autism really touched me and my wife. I am a Marine engineer and she is a Caterer. we have 2boys and a girl. but our first born (Boy)at six, still cannot say mum or dad, but looks clever in most situations at home. I need your help for my innocent boy. Thank you.
Victor from Ghana

By Victor Narteh (not verified) on 28 Oct 2011 #permalink