The Buzz: Oprah Talks Healthcare, Education, and Atheism


This week, the Oprah Winfrey Show aired an episode reporting on the quality of life in Denmark. Here, Oprah sat down with a group of Danish atheists and discussed the role of religion--as well as expansive access to healthcare and education--in an improved lifestyle. In somewhat of a surprise to non-religious viewers, Oprah seemed supportive of the concept of atheism, taking "one tiny step toward mainstreaming atheism," as PZ Myers reports on Pharyngula. Greg Laden took note of Oprah's coverage and reported on his blog that "Oprah seemed interested in [atheism], but also said that she just didn't understand it." He also found the Danes were "less materialistic, more family- and children-focused, have a full range of fully funded public services, minimal difference in wealth between the richest and poorest, a progressive tax system that rewards following a career that suits you rather than one that makes more money, and atheism."


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