ScienceBlogs Under Attack by Zombies

Late Wednesday evening, a terrible disaster began to unfold in the ScienceBlogs universe: word emerged that a zombie attack was taking place in our bloggers' homes. While the attack was believed to have begun somewhere in the southeastern United States, with patient zero Scicurious, it has now spread across the continent and even as far as Martin Rundkvist in Sweden. But even while in pursuit of human brains, the zombies are still dedicated to the mission of communicating science—in this case, getting the word out about the real science of zombiekind. To read up on how zombie epidemics spread, how the motion of zombie hordes can be modeled, how zombies seek and use information and more, click on any zombie below.

Also, major thanks go to Joseph Hewitt of Ataraxia Theatre for the zombie illustrations on this page and around ScienceBlogs. In addition to being a tremendous artist, Joseph also produces GearHead, an open source sci-fi RPG available for Windows, Linux, and Mac. Check it out at


We've also received an entry on zombie lab safety from Janet Stemwedel of Adventures in Ethics and Science, who seems to have avoided infection (for now).


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