ScienceBlogs Welcomes the World's Top Scientific Institutions to Our Network

We here at ScienceBlogs are pleased to announce that beginning today, we will be helping to spark the next generation of research communications by introducing new blogs to our network from the world's top scientific institutions. The initial list includes: CERN, Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI), SETI Institute, Weizmann Institute of Science, and Brookhaven National Laboratory. The SETI Institute, the Weizmann Institute of Science and Brookhaven National Laboratory blogs are live now - you can find them at:

Blogs for the rest of the original five will be going live this week, so check back! In the words of our Editor Evan Lerner, "Today we are expanding the ScienceBlogs platform to include the world's top labs, enriching the discussion for our readers and providing these institutions with a new way of communicating their incredible research online. We see this as the next big leap in our mission of hosting and spurring the world's conversation about science."

Research institutions interested in learning more about the program are encouraged to contact Evan Lerner at +1 646 351 8582 or


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