The Buzz: The Ardi Bandwagon

i-61b645e52979a04759492b9e29bf97b4-Ardipithecus-ramidus.jpgOn October 1, 2009 paleontologists announced the discovery of the oldest known primitive hominid fossil, Ardipithecus ramidus dubbed "Ardi," after 17 years of quietly studying its significance. Nearly a month after its grand unveiling to the media, biologists, paleontologists, and evolutionary anthropologists are still atwitter as scores of articles continue to be published around Ardi. ScienceBloggers are no exception this week, beginning with Razib Khan's compelling conversation on Ardi with John Hawks on, as seen on Gene Expression. On The Primate Diaries, Eric Michael Johnson discusses reexamining A. ramidus in light of the human origins mythos. Laelaps' Brian Switek talks about the similarities between the hype surrounding this summer's "Ida" fossil discovery and the forthcoming Ardi program on the Discovery Channel. And over on Pharyngula, PZ Myers warns readers of a possible "creationist response" spinning Ardi's lineage in the evolutionary tree in their favor.

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