The ScienceBlogs Guide to Holiday Shopping for Scientists

If your loved ones are at a loss this holiday season as to what shiny objects might most set your cardiac muscle aflutter, quick! You're running out of time. But you are not alone! It's tougher to shop for science nerds than might be imagined. After all, a Sagan lover is not a Kevin J. Anderson lover is not an Arthur C. Clarke lover, and you really have to be careful even with generic gifts - you wouldn't want to send a fruit basket to a psychologist, would you?

And of course, as geeky as some of us truly are, nobody really needs a periodic table shower curtain or a cheeky mug. We like science, we don't so much like playing into the stereotype of the cheerfully overzealous mad scientist.

Below are some more refined choices for the science lover, luscious tomes and glittery objets d'art you would be proud to have displayed on your wall or bookshelf or coffee table even if you didn't know your Dilophosaurus from your Diplodocus (you don't? why not?).

Reading material



Items for the eco-conscious



Toys for DIY scientists



Odds and (Book)Ends



And of course, if you can't make up your mind, you can always just give to a favorite charity on your scientist's behalf. Happy holidays!


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