Texas Verdict Turns Tables


Embattled Texas nurse Anne Mitchell was readily declared innocent by a jury yesterday, proving that she didn't belong in a courtroom in the first place. After filing complaints about a doctor who sold herbal remedies in the ER and performed unorthodox surgical procedures, Anne Mitchell was charged with "misuse of official information" by a constabulary loyal to the doctor. As PalMD writes on The White Coat Underground, "reading about the actions of these local officials is like watching Blazing Saddles—it's a small town, with a few people in control of everything." Orac has more coverage of the trial and video of the defendant on Respectful Insolence, as well as a foray into Dr. Arafiles' quackery, colloidal silver, and delusional parasitosis. Orac commends the jury for reaching a verdict with "such alacrity," sending "a strong message to the hapless Dr. Rolando Arafiles and his errand boy Sheriff Robert L. Roberts." Mike Dunford on The Questionable Authority writes that "the civil suit against the doctor, hospital, sheriff, district attorney, and county" can now go forward, and real justice can be pursued. It just doesn't help to be friends with the sheriff when he's as incompetent as you are.

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