Incense, Fresh Air, and Plutonic Vacuum

On Aardvarchaeology, Martin Rundkvist compiles his best November tweets into one riotous and insightful document. First up: "This chocolate praline contains something that looks and smells like shampoo. Apparently it’s flavoured with elderflower extract." Elderberry has been used for medicinal purposes worldwide for thousands of years, but maybe the praline makers should use the delicious berry extract instead of flower. Kim Krisberg considers less odorous possibilities on The Pump Handle, citing research that says advantages such as "proximity to parks and open spaces" help children start early on the path toward well-being. Yet, Krisberg writes, "40 percent of black children and 32 percent of Hispanic children live in 'very low-opportunity' neighborhoods within their metropolitan areas, compared to only 9 percent of white children." And on Starts With a Bang!, Ethan Siegel represents for the little giant Pluto, which will soon be surveyed by the New Horizons spacecraft. Beyond Pluto, we'll have to settle for the rest of our beautiful galaxy.

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