Our Record-Setting Snowstorm from Space!

Thanks to NASA's Terra satellite for providing this image:

That tiny little white bar on the lower left, by the way? That's the scale of this image: 50 km (31 miles).

You know, as opposed to how it normally looks, when it isn't covered in snow:

Happy Holidays again! And a special thanks to Universe Today for showing this off, too!

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The snow put the fires out?

By Nelson Muntz (not verified) on 21 Dec 2009 #permalink

Expect more in the coming week, Washington State is getting hit by another blast from the Gulf of Alaska.

(And some people say physics has no impact on their lives.)

The red dots are "thermal anomalies", as seen by the satellite in infra red and then processed to make a neat little 1,000 m dot over the heat source. It's usually a fire.