Weekend Diversion: Street Fighter, The Later Years

"My strength is much greater than yours!" -Zangief, Street Fighter II

I hope everyone had as great a halloween as I did, and -- although I know it's sad -- it's time to bid a fond farewell to my Zangief avatar that once graced the top this blog. To be honest, I'll miss Zangief quite a bit.

Image credit: Capcom / IGN, retrieved from http://www.torontothumbs.com/. Image credit: Capcom / IGN, retrieved from http://www.torontothumbs.com/.

But that doesn't mean that we can't reminisce about Street Fighter II every now and again, and that I didn't enjoy this tremendous nine-webisode-miniseries by CollegeHumor about what's happened to each of my favorite characters from that classic videogame. I'm proud to share with you, this weekend, the entire story of Street Fighter: The Later Years!

Amazing how an almost-no-budget production could be so much more entertaining than the big-budget movie debacle of 1994, and I hope you found it as entertaining as I did! (And if you felt racist for thinking Ryu and E. Honda looked alike, don't; they really were portrayed by the same actor!) Happy weekend, and hope our next year together with me dressed as Rainbow Dash proves just as wonderful for us all!

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