Weekend Diversion: The World’s Oldest Street Artist (Synopsis)

“Some people become vandals because they want to make the world a better looking place.” -Banksy

Not everyone who's a street artist engages in vandalism, nor are all acts of vandalism negative or unwanted in any way. Consider all the different ways one can contribute to the vibrancy of a city as you listen to The Mammals' song,

City Never Sleeps,

and while you consider the "yarn bombings" of the yarnstorming group known as the Souter Stormers in Scotland.

Image credit: Penelope Textiles Limited. Image credit: Penelope Textiles Limited.

Earlier this month, they yarn-bombed 46 landmarks in Selkirk, Scotland, but what you might not realize is that this surprise act of street art starred the work of 104 year old knitter, Grace Brett.

Image credit: HEMEDIA / SWNS Group. Image credit: HEMEDIA / SWNS Group.

Go see a whole slew of amazing pieces and get the full story for our Weekend Diversion!

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Cool diversion but bad timing with a blood moon eclipse going on now.

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Geez, Tex, there's nothing stopping you from looking at the moon. Bad timing? Naw ......

Remember, PJ, nothing is allowed to be said on a "Blood Moon". Teabaggie has said so.

Of course, he told us this when it was "bad timing with a blood moon eclipse going on now.". So he shouldn't have said.

heh,heh,heh ........ :)

Why don't you put a description under the pictures? Let my guess: you are busy writing "Image credit:"

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