Weekend Diversion: I’m Going To Be AXE COP! (Synopsis)

“I have signs in my kitchen to remind me not to eat breakfast and that my job is always. Most cops work only at night or at day. I am a lucky cop because I work both. Tomorrow we do it all again, because my job is not day shift or night shift. It’s always shift.” -Axe Cop

One day, at the scene of the fire, the cop found the perfect axe. That was the day he became AXE COP! Axe Cop began as a comic, expanded into an "Ask Axe Cop" series...

Image credit: Ethan & Malachai Nicolle, Ask Axe Cop #54. Image credit: Ethan & Malachai Nicolle, Ask Axe Cop #54.

...and most prominently, became a TV show on Fox, having just finished its second season. One of the constraints on my Halloween costumes the past few years is that I have to find a way to incorporate my facial hair, and so this year, the allure of "Axe Cop with crazy pizza hair with a super curly beard and mustache with a robot ghost inside" was too much!

Image credit: E. Siegel and family, Halloween 2015. Image credit: E. Siegel and family, Halloween 2015.

Come see all the photos and learn how the costume was executed as we celebrate Halloween 2015!

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Axe Cop -- Taking down criminals one food allergy at a time.

By Naked Bunny wi… (not verified) on 01 Nov 2015 #permalink

Ethan, you used to change your picture up top when you had a new Hallowe'en costume. Last year, you were a manotaur, but you didn't change the picture. Are you going to change your picture this year?

By Julian Frost (not verified) on 01 Nov 2015 #permalink

I guess that was appropriate - standing outside the Timberland bank, wielding an axe (heh,heh,heh) ......

Great costume. Saw this on Jerry Coyne's site and thought to myself "hey, maybe a costume for Ethan for 2016?" Paint your limbs purple and wear and awesome hat!

Yikes, Axe Cop! That van Gogh behind you had me worried for a second, be sure you protect and serve those ears, eh?