Depressing Grey Day

Today (and to a lesser extent yesterday) was a deeply depressing grey day of rain. To make it worse, it would occaisionally stop, and lighten a bit, just to tempt you into the idea things were getting better. Left alone I would have curled up by the fire with a book and/or an internet connection; but with two young children thats not an option. Still, we survived.

True to form, my pic shows not the rain but the sun that came out just before sunset. Sorry I jogged it a bit, its OK as long as you don't look at a hi-res version.


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Not so long ago (ok, 20 years) Prof. and Ms. Rabett had the pleasure of an English summer with precisely 4.5 hours of sunshine (we timed it). My wife called me when the sun came out, and said let's play. Bad move, we got far enough to be totally drenched when the rain returned. Fall, winter and spring were damper. It's no wonder the lawns of England are green, it's the slime.

[We're hoping for a bit more than that this summer. Today was more rain, if you want to know :-( OTOH there were a few breaks and I did find my heart lifting in the fits of sunshine, so maybe its all a scheme to make us grateful for the good weather. The amusing thing is that there is a drought here, or perhaps its further south in Thames water, with hosepipe bans -W] don't live in Seattle, do you? :o)

Here too, my reaction the same.



Yeah the drought is caused by something like 18+ months of below average rainfall from 24 (actual numbers may vary). So the odd one above average at this time of year will only lesson the demand rather than make-up for the shortfall. Incidentally 3V Water has a hosepipe ban and potential drought conditions too, not just Thames.

Keep your eye on the Jet, that's what's bringing the rain at the moment. We need it to shift northwards to nearer Iceland for the sunshine....and soon as I'll be spending a week on a narrowboat in June (booked last year when summer sunshine optimism was high :| ).

Anyone know anywhere that may point to the summer/winter jet latitudes in a warmer world...? ;)