Buy our tat!

I thought I'd take advantage of a rant (sorry, yes, another one) to push some of our tat that we're selling (we hope) on ebay. So there is the disc firing robot, the ATV buggy, and the nervous alligator science kit.

We had two of the robots by some mischance, one non-working. We took it apart; it was full of fascinating gear trains and electric motors. Far more fun than actually playing with it.

Anyway, the rant: there is too much tat in the world and it makes me sad. If we were destroying the planet for a good reason I might understand; but to bury ourselves under a mountain of plastic cr*p is just stupid.

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Well, if you have small children, I think you're entitled to a bit of tat around the house, as long as the tat is not tainted with lead paint or phthalates.

Adults who keep tat around as a form of acquisition neoteny are worth a good rant, though.