We win!

Yes, the Greens have got their first UK parliamentary seat [1]. Congratulations to Caroline Lucas in Brighton. And with the current hung parliament, it might even do some good. I wonder how well the GP would stand up to real politics?

More later when the results come in.

Oh yes: as a token gesture towards the real world: shame abuot the Lib Dems. Which caused me to look up South Cambs. This is usually a shoo-in for Lansley. And it was this time too, except that the Lib Dems were very clearly second and Labour nowhere. Maybe some hope for next time.

Incidentally, do you realise I'm not the only blog called Stoat? Maybe I'll start a collection.

* cheekystoat.blog.co.uk
* Weasel Times and Stoat Intelligencer (thanks PK)

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I ended up voting Green... along with 627 others in the Windsor constituency. Sigh.

[Ah well, you get your Greenie points anyway. Behind the BNP, that is depressing -W]

By Nick Barnes (not verified) on 06 May 2010 #permalink

Greens behind both the nazis and ukip here too, which is depressing, but not surprising considering the tabloids. With the Dave & Rupert love-in looming, things won't get much better on that front.

I was really, really disappointed in the Green showing in Aberdeen South. Behind BNP, ugh!!!

By Luna_the_cat (not verified) on 06 May 2010 #permalink

Yes, with 1 pivotal vote, you shall be kingmakers. Er, kingmaker.

Ouch for Lib Dems.

By carrot eater (not verified) on 07 May 2010 #permalink

"Ouch for Lib Dems."

And yet, they've increased their share of the vote (if only by 1%). There's similar oddities of the system to be seen with other parties, too.

Here's oneWeasel Times & Stoat Intelligencer.

By Paul Kelly (not verified) on 07 May 2010 #permalink

I'm with Adam on this, it was a terrible night for Science in the UK. Evan Harris was a particularly passionate and effective voice for reason and science in the House of Commons and will be greatly missed. The Tory who has taken his seat doesn't appear to have any interest in science. It's not clear who will replace him as science's champion in Westminster, I just hope that Julian Huppert or one of the other new MP's steps up to the mark.

Caroline Lucas's heart (and some Green policies) may be in the right place when it comes to climate change and other environmental issues, and I do appreciate seeing that at least one MP is willing to speak out against the craven surrender to the financial markets on the national debt issue (it was the financial sector that gave us most of the bloody debt!).

However her views on animal research, GM, evidence based medicine, and alternative medicine leave an awful lot to be desired. I find it difficult to support a party which should have science at its core but then takes adopts such a pick and choose attitude to which bits of science (and the scientific community)it pays attention to.

The Greens have a long way to go yet!

The voting systems for Westminster and the local councils place too high a penalty on minority party votes. The voter is forced to collude tacitly in one plot or another to keep out the least desirable candidate. Hope for voting reform.

By Tony Sidaway (not verified) on 07 May 2010 #permalink

I'm sad to learn Evan Harris lost his seat. He managed to nail Nigel Lawson's behind to the floor in the recent parliamentary science committee session.

Yes, the take away headline is the voters who put in the member, who's claim to fame is science and its connection to governing, have now removed him. Is it the science; or, are the solutions proposed too far out for his constituents?

By Paul Kelly (not verified) on 07 May 2010 #permalink

Evan Harris's views on global warming are unlikely to have been a liability at the general election, where all major parties propose that Britain must prepare a transition to a low-carbon economy.

Harris's party, however, did badly at the polls and lost a good proportion of its seats despite a modest increase in its share of the popular vote. This "third party squeeze" is a long established feature of our electoral system.

Harris's views on abortion, euthanasia and animal testing were targeted in a very dirty campaign, but his Conservative opponent only pipped him by 176 votes after a recount. His prospects may also have been hit by boundary changes that removed areas containing many students and added semi-rural villages.

By Tony Sidaway (not verified) on 07 May 2010 #permalink

A quick review of alternative mustelid blogs:

WT&SI is moderately clever and amusing.

Cheeky Stoat, on the other hand, would be better titled Crude Septic Stoat. The septic stuff looks to be pretty part-time, but is definitely bottom-of-barrel quality.

Re the GP, there'll be no stopping them once they figure out that the key is running candidates without eyebrows. (Note to CL: Too much arch looks unnatural from a distance.)

By Steve Bloom (not verified) on 07 May 2010 #permalink

Tony Sidaway "Harris's views on abortion, euthanasia and animal testing were targeted in a very dirty campaign, but his Conservative opponent only pipped him by 176 votes after a recount. His prospects may also have been hit by boundary changes that removed areas containing many students and added semi-rural villages."

The boundary changes were without any doubt the main factor in Harris loosing his seat, they turned what had been a liberal-leaning constituancy to one that was balanced between left and right. All it took then was for some of the left/liberal vote to go to the Labour candidate for the tories to scrape in.

I'm not sure about the effect the hate and lies campaign against Harris by the extreme anti-abortion and animal rights groups had. The anti-aboution angle may have dissuaded some more conservative votors who were thinking of giving the Lib Dems a chance(even the animal-rights leaflets spent more time distorting Evan's views on abortion and euthanasia than on animal research) but then most of these voters were probably going to vote Tory anyway in the end. I suspect the leaflets may have even helped Evan a little be energising his own supporters.

Still a very uinfortunate result, hopefully it can be rectified before to long, either by Evan regaining the seat or by getting him into the House of Lords.

Stoat, your MP Andrew Lansley is now health secretary and is proposing large cuts to the NHS. His election campaign was partly funded by a private health care provider.



Perhaps you might want to write him a letter?

[Hmm, Lansley told the BBC's Today programme the NHS budget would rise above inflation in the coming years â as pledged in the Tory manifesto â to keep up with new drugs, the ageing population, and lifestyle issues such as obesity. But that there was a case for making greater savings. sounds fairly incoherent. The new govt is going to have to make saving, the interesting bit is where, so I'll wait a while -W]