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The story so far: some nut attacks Rahmstorf, comparing him to Aryan physics in a letter to the German TV channel ZDF. The usual fools get confused, the usual fools propagate the nonsense. But this time there is a happy ending, as the lawyers step in and stamp it out (lawyers good? Well maybe not on balance. But that doesn't mean they can't do good sometimes). This won't make anything clearer.

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This wno't make anything clearer.

You're right; it dind't.


What a crazy story. It looks like Gosselin has gone back and retroactively deleted everything about it from his blog.

Things that deserve preservation get disappeared.
A WebCite link is indispensable to those if us who like to save good stuff.

By John Mashey (not verified) on 01 Sep 2011 #permalink

yes, i had lots of fun with this story back then :)

i learned at least one thing here. i've been talking with unconvinced's for more than a year, and never could nail one of them down on a falsehood. this story on the other hand was SO bizarre and obviously false that i thought i had a chance. but even when i waved in front of gosselin's face with the actual quote from lüdecke from last December (of EIKE, a german CFACT outpost) accusing rahmstorf of "aryan physics", and told him i was personally present at the meeting and the EIKE protocolist most definitely got it the wrong way round, he stood by the story. the thing i learned is that it just makes no sense to talk to people that are that far gone. a much better approach is to immunize those not yet infected. showing unsuspecting people to what lengths people like gosselin will go to defend their erroneous world view could possibly help.


By Captain Pithart (not verified) on 01 Sep 2011 #permalink

webcitation.org is having trouble again (hard to access for days now), but here are cached versions some of the relevant pages, good luck at getting them loaded:

July 11, original flawed protocol at EIKE, with Lüdecke retraction: http://webcitation.org/607gBjy3A

July 12, gosselin "Rahmstorf Compares Skepticsâ Science To âAryan Physics Of The Third Reichâ": http://webcitation.org/607hIQguI

July 18, gosselin "Lüdeckeâs Clarification On Rahmstorf And âAryan Scienceâ": http://webcitation.org/60Pf6OJkf

July 20, gosselin "Rahmstorf Demands Retraction Of âAryan Scienceâ Accusation â Threatens Kanno With A Lawsuit": http://webcitation.org/60PfAzx6P

the comments are fun to read :)

my favorite is Lüdecke's comment: »Hartmann is right and wrong at the same time. Firstly, there are at least three witnesses that Prof. Rahmstorf compared me in his Green-speech in Berlin with âGerman Physicsâ of the âThird Reichâ. On the other hand, Hartmann is right that I myself made the same comparison in a letter to the ZDF where Rahmstorf made the shameless assertion that EIKE would consequently avoid a scientific discussion.«

a) this doesn't make any sense, and b) interesting that three AGW-unconvinced witnesses got the slide by Rahmstorf wrong. talk about group think :)


By Captain Pithart (not verified) on 02 Sep 2011 #permalink