Happy Christmas

And probably my all-time favourite, though this version isn't quite right:

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More wiki-fun. Or is this Google Truth in action? (Yeah, I know, the pic isn't quite right but its good). Which is more accurate? Willard Anthony Watts (born 1958)[1] is an American blogger who runs the climate change denialism website Watts Up With That?.[2] A former meteorologist,[3][4] he is…
Ok, that's not quite the headline at the New York Times, but close enough. Yes, the latest Oxfam figures that came out today say that we're back under 1 billion starving people. But yes, those figures were compiled before the Pakistani Floods, and before the 5% rise in food prices driven by the…
Yeah, it's frosh orientation here at York U starting today so I thought I'd celebrate that with links to a bunch of posts from my all-time favourite source of higher education satire, The Cronk of Higher Ed! International Helium Shortage Leads to Massive Orientation Layoffs “After we realized how…
Following up on my post from a few days ago, a short appreciation of Alan Turing by noted sf author Frederik Pohl: The close of Pride Month seems an apt time to talk about Alan Turing, inventor of the famed Turing Test for identifying independent intelligence in computers, worked for the British…

Season's greetings as Saturnalia will soon commence for pagans.

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And congratulations on your amphioxus:


It's a long way from amphioxus
It's a long way to us,
It's a long way from amphioxus
To the meanest human cuss.
Well, it's good-bye to fins and gill slits
And it's welcome lungs and hair,
It's a long, long way from amphioxus
But we all came from there.

Anon., Tune: "It's a Long Way to Tipperary"
anonymous folk claim written by Philip H. Pope of Cold Spring Harbor in 1921

Stoat --- Wake up. Hibernation time is over now.

[I need to do the "review of the year" -W]

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