The optimistic 4%

Apparently 81% of respondents to a recent NYT/CBS survey feel "things have pretty seriously gotten off on the wrong track" for this country - up from 69% last year and 35% in 2003. Only 4% said the country is better off than five years ago (what the hell are these nimrods smoking?).

According to The Times, only 21 percent of respondents said the overall economy was in good condition, the lowest number since late 1992, when the recession that began in the summer of 1990 had already been over for more than a year.

Of course, Poppy Bush was in charge then. It’s worth remembering what Bush jr spent Friday March 14th doing:

Following his speech, he went to a ritzy Upper West Side apartment building overlooking Central Park to raise money for the national Republican Party. The private event pulled in $1.4 million from about 70 attendees.

That’s roughly $20,000 a head. I guess we found our 4%.


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In the spirit of the Bushites and their friends the Saudis, I propose a telethon on Al Jazeera TV to raise money. These would go towards the national debt. Instead of a tax deduction, the contributors would be automatically given shares in the Movie "Expelled".

By Pao Chang (not verified) on 03 Apr 2008 #permalink

You've nailed it. Those making more money due to the administrations policies still think he's doing a damned fine job.

Of course the only Bush/Cheney '04 bumper stickers I see here in RI are on old jalopies. They definitely played to the intolerance.

4% said the country is better off than five years ago

Survey must have included oil industry execs..

The NY Times also has an article on the term "abortion" being given a "null value" (like "the") in an important federal health related database, "just in case" the "wrong" results came up in any search.

I just posted on the John Wilkins' "Evolving Thoughts" blog asking if "The Hand of Bushness" was possibly involved.

By Marc Buhler (not verified) on 04 Apr 2008 #permalink

Yep, friends of Dub have done pretty well for themselves over the past five years. Besides the oil types, don't forget Halliburton, who has carved out a darn nice niche for themselves.

By Earthceuticals (not verified) on 05 Apr 2008 #permalink