The beauty that is the periodic table: not just for elements.


Science Scout twitter feed

The other day I was looking for an interesting periodic table graphic for the background image of the science scout twitter account, and whilst doing so I came across many many different versions of the famous layout. However, I also noticed that a lot of them didn't have anything to do with elements at all, and so thought it might be interesting to collect a bunch of them for folks to check out here.

We'll start with my favourite (and one that has been previously showcased here at the World's Fair): the lego periodic table of elements.


When shown previously, I noted that the advertisement actually received quite a lot of criticism from the advertising folks, but for me it was pure gold:

Why do I think this is a thing of beauty. Maybe, it's because I'm in the know. Maybe, because the tag-line ("Make Anything") is something clever enough to make my heart sing. Or maybe, because I think Lego is just freakin' cool anyway.

Here's another on typefaces (larger image here):


I thought this one was kind of funny. A table of rejected elements (from The Atlantic):


And if rejected elements don't fit the bill, how about Criminal Elements (larger image and cheat sheet here):


I don't actually text too much, so maybe this periodic table of texting could come in handy (was available only as a t-shirt):


Here's one for Awesoments: note element one being Bn or Bacon (larger image here):


There's quite a few in the computer geek territory. Like a table for controllers (from Flickr):


A straight up arrangement periodic table of computer keys (Flickr page with notes)


One for Perl Operators (website here):

i-dc301ed4ce507e9a170569240feb4e1d-Periodic Table of the Operators A4 300dpi.jpg

And, of course, one on websites generally (clickable although slightly outdated version here):


Next, there are a whole bunch that focus on cuisine. Like this one on cupcakes (link to larger image with recipes here):


Also, two thematically similar, on food storage or condiments that periodically go bad (who knew this topic would be so popular?) - links to the larger images here and here:



Liquor, of course, is well represented. Here's one on mixology (poster for sale here):


Beer Styles (larger image here):


Here's a Periodic Table of Candy (larger image):


This one on Desserts is especially awesome - the more detailed website includes atomic spectra as well as structural analysis of things like shortbread and meringue.


And now on to the comic book category. Here's a periodic table of cartoons (Flickr page):


Video game characters (larger image here):


And Pokemon (Deviant Art link):


So... there you have it.

As a visual aesthetic, it would appear that many have taken the good old periodic table of elements as a great starting point. To which I will end with the final periodic table - that of (oh the irony of ironies) visualization elements.


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Not to get all meta on you, but you've got quite a collection of periodic tables -- perhaps you can create a periodic table of periodic tables.

Some of these seem to have been created by people who haven't really understood the actual PTE.

The candy one, for instance, doesn't have chocolate at the hydrogen location, which arguably it should, since chocolate can go with almost anything and is a fundamental element of virtually all candies.

My non-god, I am such a nerd.

the Beeriodic table (the author missed a naming trick there) is good, but a lot of british and continental lagers would seem to fall outside of it- if American pisswater such as Bud and Miller has a place on it, surely so to should Carling, Carlsberg, Heineken, Stella and those french lagers in little bottles?

I love both chemistry and Lego, so I especially like the very first one.

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