Spring meme!

Spring has sprung in the geoblogosphere! In Virginia, Callan has been hiking on the Billy Goat Trail. In Colorado, Geology Happens has crocuses. And spring fever has even hit the New York Times - Andy Revkin is posting Youtube videos of Pete Seeger singing about maple syrup.

Hey, I can play, too. Look - I've got violets (pictures under the fold):


Actually, I took that photo on Sunday. If I go out this morning, maybe I'll be able to pick 148 more, and then I'll be able to start making that yummy-sounding violet custard pie that Janet made for pi day.



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Spring here in Northern California has brought one encouraging sight, lots of honey-bees are already out & about.

I saw NO honey-bees until late June last year (despite seeing many solitary bees), and it was not due to any particular difference in the weather between this year & last year.