You could help save Oregon kids from zombie attacks

My other half sent me this link on Friday: from Wired, rating weapons used to kill zombies (in Zombieland, and elsewhere). Their number 13:

13. Rock hammers

Not to be confused with tremendous mallets, these things are faster to wield and don't leave you exhausted after two or three swings. Used for busting rocks, they can easily be repurposed to bust zombies.

Advantages: Combines all the best qualities of the 1911A1 and the pump-action shotgun.

Disadvantages: None. Anyone who suggests otherwise eats babies.

The e-mail reminded me about one of the projects from the Geobloggers DonorsChoose challenge. An 8th grade science/math teacher in Oregon wants to take her students on field trips. She went on a trip last summer with geologists to the Columbia River gorge, and she wants to take her students there. She's got a field trip budget from the principal, and now she needs rock hammers. (She's also got goggles for eye protection, in case you're worried about middle school kids getting rock chips in their eyes.) The project is more than half funded already, in part by people who came from the Geobloggers challenge. They've only got $166 left to go.

So... going to Oregon for the Geological Society of America meeting in a few weeks? Or live in the Pacific Northwest and want to reduce the risk of zombie attacks? Or just like the idea of sending middle school kids (many of whom speak English as a 2nd language) from a disadvantaged high school on a geology field trip? This class needs your help.

...And... it's been funded! Thanks, donors!

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