A bit of fun for once: if you have a few mins spare, try a game at peepo.com. And if you have a bit more time, try the 19x19. [Update: breaking news: Neutrinos not FTL for embarrassing reason?
A problem from the British Go Journal issue 158. I don't play Go any more, but I still like it. This problem is particularly pleasant. It is symmetrical, so there are only 6 possibilities. Black to play and live. SGF visualised with GoRilla.
We chess players have had to put up with taunts from our Go playing counterparts for quite some time. First there was the jibe that Go is so much easier to learn than chess. Then the dubious charge that Go is actually more complex than chess. Some have argued that the superiority of Go over chess represents he difference between Eastern and Western values. (In Go you start with an empty board and gradually build up structures that control territory. Chess is just a bloodbath where rival armies try to slaughter the other guy's leader.) And then there was the undeniable fact that chess-…