Hey y'all! Pharma Bawd has risen from the dead at Moment of Science

If you read any sort of science blogs, you may remember when Pharma Bawd at Moment of Science burst on the scene in Feb 2006 at with her pathway of metabolism of evolution information. Reading about enzymes like Respectful Insolence Discreditase and PZ Myers' Professional Smackdownase literally had me peeing my pants (full jpg file here...of the pathway, not me peeing my pants).

So, you can imagine that her prolonged silence after her 28 Feb 2006 post on epigenetics and cancer led many of us to feel that we lost a true voice of reason in the anti-science wilderness.

Well, much to my happy surprise while lurking in the comments threads of others, I saw that PhB was back...and has been back since late June.

She never disappeared from my blogroll, even with our move to Sb, and I am so tickled to see her back, fully renewed with a belly of piss and vinegar for those who bastardize science and sci/med policy.

Welcome back, friend!

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Hey, thanks Abel Pharmboy!

We just had the ol' blog template up on blocks, we were doin some tinkerin' under the hood. Makin' a few changes, ain't that right Timothy?

Timothy: That's right we's makin' some big changes over yonder.

Pharma Bawd: Seems as though while we were out someone went and signed up all the best science bloggers to a big fat contract. (Aside) Look Tim they got podcasting here! Write that down, we need that too.(/aside) So like I was sayin' we're makin' some big changes, gonna have to keep up with the competition.


  • Ohhhh mercy yes we got to beat that competition.
  • Pharma Bawd: Tim look! RSS feeds and email subscriptions! Hot dog, we need those too! Errrmm,... cough, cough,... I mean, yeah, well it's a nice new place ya got here Abel, very nice...

    Timothy: Yep. Very nice.

    Pharma Bawd: Tim, did you cut and paste the source code?

    Timothy: Yep.

    Pharma Bawd: Well then, we'll be seein' ya! Gotta get back to work, got a lot of neat, new, one-of-a-kind, original features we're puttin' in the blog.

    Should be a new post on

  • epigenetics and cancer
  • soon.

    Timothy: Oh, and if any of you ScienceBloggers has misplaced a passel of HIV/AIDS deniers, yes I'm lookin' at you Dr Smith, well we found some rootin around and makin' a bit of a mess. Can't do nothin' 'bout 'em til sun-up. But if anyone wants to play

  • HIV/AIDS denier whack-a-mole
  • just

  • stop on by
  • we'll

  • leave the light on fer ya.
  • Yup. I loved, loved, loved this post debunking some of the bad HIV science at Dean's world, but alas, it also meant she was targeted by some of the trolls.

    Thanks guys,

    I had posted something here last night asking you to swing by and pick up your little friends Tara, but it doesn't seem to have come through. Maybe I can repost it tonight.

    There was something interesting brought up at the end of this thread though.


    If anyone has any thoughts on how to handle such a situation I would appreciate hearing them either in comments at my blog or at the email in my profile.


    Sorry, PhB - the number of links caused the comment to get stuck up in my approval queue and I hadn't thought to check in this morn.

    That Timothy sounds a bit like Billy Bob Thornton's character in Slingblade. Does Timothy happen to like them French-fried pee-taters?