NIH "Medicine in the Media" Course

NIH has just announced the acceptance of applications for their 7th annual conference, Medicine in the Media: The Challenge of Reporting on Medical Research, 5-7 May, 2008.

The National Institutes of Health's Office of Medical Applications of Research (OMAR) presents a free annual training opportunity to help develop journalists' ability to evaluate and report on medical research. Now in its seventh year, the course curriculum builds on the best of prior years' offerings to create an intensive learning experience with hands-on application. This year's course will be held on the campus of Dartmouth College in quaint Hanover, New Hampshire. . .

. . .We invite application by journalists whose primary target audience is the general public. Applicants may produce news stories about health or healthcare for newspapers, magazines, or newsletters; television or radio; or on-line media. Participants should be eager to develop skills and knowledge necessary for good medical science reporting, but need not have specific experience or background in medical journalism.

There is no cost for the course. All meals and lodging are provided. Participants are responsible for their own travel.

The specific note about applicants for on-line media outlets leads me to think that sci/med bloggers would be eligible for attendance. While we know our science well, practicing scientists might have a thing or two to learn from practicing journalists.

In fact, from the FAQ:

I'm a blogger - am I eligible?
Sure - please apply.

And, hey, this is something FREE - from NIH.

The agenda and faculty lists are still developing but you can learn more by dialing up:

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Boy, do I ever know a few journalists who need to take this course!