Sex, Science, and Stem Cells: has anyone read it?

I was surfing around the DNC site last night and came upon this nice addendum to yesterday's post: a series of videos about the Denver area narrated by a proud native and six-term Congresswoman Diana Degette (D-CO, 1st).

I was reminded while going through 5280 magazine that Rep. Degette had written a book about the war on science by the Republicans called, "Sex, Science, and Stem Cells: Inside the Right-Wing Assault on Reason." (Actually the book was "co-written" with Daniel Paisner, the amazingly prolific and self-effacing "author, ghost-writer, reasonably nice buy.").

I'm a little short on reading time, much less blogging time, so I'd be interested to know if anyone has read Degette's book and how it might compare to Chris Mooney's, "The Republican War on Science."

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I haven't read it, hadn't even heard of it till reading your post about it.

However, I haven't been able to bring myself to read Mooney's book either because I've gotten so disgusted and frustrated with living through the Republican War on Science.

Someone with a lower indignation threshold than I needs to read it and report back to you.

By Texas Reader (not verified) on 27 Aug 2008 #permalink