On the Nature bloggy hubbub

I've been scarce around these parts and hope to get a Friday Fermentable up before midnight. However, I just wanted to share the following on the last couple of days discussions about Nature Publishing Group's various pronouncements on the importance of science blogging, especially their mention in Nature Methods of ScienceOnline'09, an unconference I co-organized this year with founders and online science visionaries, Bora Zivkovic and Anton Zuiker.

Bora has the main stories and DrugMonkey adds commentary and his own personal experiences.

But leave it to Anton Zuiker to capture the whole gestalt in the 140-character medium of Twitter:

Nature Methods editorial, "Lines of Communication," mentions ScienceOnline'09. Would link to it, but it's behind the paywall. #irony


Click here - if you don't have a subscription, that'll be $32, please.

Update (27 Feb 1743 GMT): Grace Baynes from Nature has kindly commented below that the aforementioned article is now free access here.

Snark is hereby withdrawn.

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