Fullsteam Brewery founder and local-ag guru, Sean Wilson, to appear on WUNC-FM's The State of Things

The local food movement is not local here in the sprawling US. Hence why am posting this note here.


North Carolina beer saint and local-ag brewer, Sean Lily Wilson, will be on the radio in about an hour. We featured Sean back in January when the state's flagship newspaper named him Tar Heel of the Week for his efforts to modify our draconian beer laws to allow high-gravity beers, especially many of our European favorites, to be sold statewide.

Sean's a good man, a great dad, and epitomizes community on so many levels. If you're not local, you can listen to him together with two other great local foodies at wunc.org/tsot - the podcast will be available later in the day:

Sip Local - Can We Interest You in a Local Beverage? The Triangle's robust eat-local scene with its markets, grocers and farm-to-table restaurants means thoughtful consumers can know where their food is coming from. But what about their drinks? Is it possible to "sip local" when you're enjoying coffee, wine, tea or beer? Host Frank Stasio talks to Lex Alexander, founder of Wellspring Grocery and owner of 3Cups, about the past and future of the local-food movement in the Triangle. We'll also meet Dorian Bolden, a young, Durham-based coffee shop entrepreneur; Margo Knight-Metzger, head of the N.C. Wine and Grape Council; and Sean Wilson, who successfully led the Pop the Cap movement to loosen state laws regulating beer. He has a new North Carolina-themed brewery in the works. (32:00)

Click here and look to the Live Stream options on the right sidebar - the show airs at 12 noon, EST (1700 GMT).

The Fullsteam boys keep a mighty fine blog/website. Sean can be followed on Twitter @fullsteam as well as his brewmaster, Chris, @fullsteam32.

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