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Shorter Martin Cothran, spokesman for Kentucky's Focus on the Family affiliate: Is Romney chicken on the same-sex marriage issue?:

Mitt Romney doesn't deserve conservative support because didn't eat a chicken sandwich to demonstrate his anti-gay bigotry.

But really, here's Cothran's argument:

Maybe someone could explain to me why the people who stood in line yesterday to show their support for traditional values should publicly support Romney when Romney won't publicly support what they were publicly supporting.

To be clear, "stood in line…to show their support for traditional marriage" means, when translated from wingnutese, "bought a chicken sandwich at Chick-fil-a in order to support a company's discriminatory practices, its owner's bigotry, its financial support to hate groups, and its work to make marriage impossible for loving couples from an oppressed minority."

Mitt Romney's steering clear of this because, even if he knows nothing else, he knows how to read which way the wind is blowing. It seems we've reached a point where a mediocre restaurant chain is the last bastion of institutional anti-gay bigotry.

Edited to correct a geographic error.

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It seems we’ve reached a point where a mediocre restaurant chain is the last bastion of institutional anti-gay bigotry.

Not as long as the present Catholic Church hierarchy lasts.

By John Pieret (not verified) on 03 Aug 2012 #permalink

Cothran is in Kentucky, not Tennessee.