Intern at the Dolphin Research Center

Want to get experience working with marine mammals? The Dolphin Research Center, in Grassy Key, Florida, is looking for interns for the Fall semester, and the deadline to apply is next week!

The DRC is home to a pod of Atlantic bottlenose dolphins (you might recognize A.J. from my banner image, used with permission of course) and a group of California sea lions. While the DRC hasn't yet been hit by oil from the BP oil spill, they are monitoring the situation closely - this may be a great opportunity to learn a ton about marine mammal research and help in the conservation effort.

Check out some of the dolphins:

Here's the relevant information:

Internships at DRC are an exciting way to develop career skills as well as an opportunity to get "behind the scenes" to see how a marine mammal facility operates. Dolphin Research Center internships involve concentration in specific departments and normally last 16 to 18 weeks. Interns work forty hours per week typically spending four days per week in their internship's department and one day providing support in other areas of daily operations through the Volunteer Resources Pool.

It is necessary that you read, speak and understand English, are physically fit, able to lift 50 pounds and can work outside in the Florida Keys heat, sunshine and humidity. All interns are responsible for their own housing, food and local transportation. Bear in mind that this area is a tourist destination and the cost of accommodations varies depending on the season.

We currently offer internships in the following areas: Animal Care and Training, Special Needs, including the Dolphin Pathways Program, Education, Research, and Visual Communications. (Follow the links to learn more about each specific area)

In addition to the day-to-day responsibilities in their departments, all interns are required to keep a daily journal of activities and to develop and attain specific learning objectives relative to their areas of interest or study focus. Your coach and the Volunteer Resources staff will work with you and your faculty advisor if you are pursuing credit for your work here or need to fulfill community service.

Application Deadline: June 1 for the Fall Term (September through December)

To Apply:

For additional information: or telephone 305/289-1121 x 230 Monday - Friday 9AM to 5 PM (Eastern Time).

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Don't bother spending the time and money to have your son/daughter intern at DRC ... the people are arrogant and self-absorbed !!! They treat these young adults like idiots ... the volunteer resource center personnel actually tell these kids NOT to have ANY expectations ... All they want is 40 hours of FREE work from them without giving them any respect. My daughter can't wait to leave ... she THOUGHT that this would be a valuable experience ( 3 years ago she spend a week at their dolphin lab) but she was VERY disappointed with the internship ... I would NOT recommend this internship to anyone !!!

By Cheryl Raboin (not verified) on 14 Aug 2010 #permalink