3 Quarks Daily Prize in Science: Time to Vote!

Why write again what Bora has already written?

The great science blog 3 Quarks Daily has announced the voting for it's third annual prize for the best science writing on blogs. Last year, the judge was Richard Dawkins. This year, once the voting by the public narrows down the choices, the finalists will be judged by Lisa Randall.

Check out the nominees and then vote for your favorite.

So this year, several of my posts were nominated. Vote for one of mine, or vote for another, but definitely vote.

Voting closes Wednesday at 11:59pm eastern time (8:59pm pacific time), so do it soon!

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I was the first person to vote for the Perseverating Error post, and even 24 hours ago, it had only my one vote. However, in the last day it has suddenly shot up to quite an impressive number of votes! Coincidentally, this has happened after I wrote a blog post encouraging people to vote, but I won't take the credit: my blog doesn't get the kind of traffic that could account for that. This post right here has probably made a contribution, but the rise started before that.

Picking an absolute favourite candidate is too hard. I voted for yours because, out of the several favourites I narrowed down to, I estimated it the least likely to get votes from others (the others being either less esoteric topics or widely praised in the blogosphere).