Two-Year Blogiversary

Two years ago today I wrote my very first blog entry, which wasn't terribly interesting, but I did invite readers to

listen to me rant about gender equity in engineering and science; Intelligent Design, the Christian Right, and the inadequate response of the scientific community; what's lacking in feminist critiques of science; and anything else that gets me riled.

How do I live up to my original promise? I do a pretty good job with the ranting business and anything else that gets me riled, I think. I write much less about Intelligent Design than I did in the early days of the blog, though I have written some on science and the right. I think since moving to Scienceblogs I write less on these topics, because there are so many voices here that tackle these projects so vehemently and so well. Still, now and again I think in the back of my mind that there is something to be offered from the feminist perspective...and much to write about, not enough time between migraines to write it all.

Where I still have a lot of ground to cover is "what's lacking in feminist critiques of science". My "Joy of Science" series is my first serious attempt to start addressing that issue and as you are no doubt aware it has stalled lately. I think this is due to it being summer. I simply cannot bring myself to address Sandra Harding and Donna Haraway when it is summer. Maybe when everybody goes back to school again in the fall, I will, too. Actually, I hope I will get back to it before then, but no later than then.

Well, I can't believe it's been two years. And to my friend Cindy, who induced, nudged, and nagged me into the whole blogging business, all I can say is: look what you've done.

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Happy blogiversary!

(That comment from Karen is awesome -- and remember, per Warnock, for every Karen who speaks up there are a great many who don't, but to whom your blog means just as much.)

Happy blogiversary!

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